2 meter 144 – 146 MHz High Selectivity Low Loss Band Pass Filter

2 meter 144 – 146 MHz High Selectivity Low Loss Band Pass Filter


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2 meter 144 – 146 MHz Receiving Low Loss Receiving Band Pass Filter

Band pass Filter BPF uses high Q coils with unloaded Q of more than 1000, and capacitors with Q more than 1200. Low loss of filter achieved with careful design and adjustment. Best receiving RFI band-pass filter for Ham Radio designed for 2 meter band.

Positions of connectors are selected so that the filter can be directly connected to the coaxial relay. Band pass filter enclosed in strong 0.8 mm sheet brass box. Strong mechanics will ensure stability and longevity.

This type of filter will almost nothing disturb noise performance of preamplifiers which is especially important in terrestrial and EME (Earth – Moon – Earth) communications. It will further ensure smooth operation in the presence of strong signals.





Measured Return Loss – S11 (CH 1) and Insertion Loss – S21 (CH 2). Characteristics of 144 MHz Receiving Bandpass filter.




Achieved results on a built Band pass filter:

50 MHz = -68.4 dB
88 MHz = -45.6 dB
108 MHz = -31.5 dB
144 MHz = -0.21 dB
146 MHz = -0.21 dB
432 MHz = -75 dB


These excellent results were achieved by careful selection of components and design of the filter.


1. Filter characteristics ”zoomed”




2. Measured data of 144 – 146 MHz RFI band-pass filter. Insertion loss – S21 (Attenuation) is set to 0.3 dB per division!




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