70 cm 430 – 440 MHz Ultimate Receiving Bandpass Filter

70 cm 430 – 440 MHz Ultimate Receiving Bandpass Filter


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70 cm 430 – 440 MHz <0.15dB High Selectivity, High Q, Super Low Loss Receiving Band Pass Filter

Bandpass Filter BPF uses high Q coils and capacitors with unloaded Q of more than 1500
Intended for indoor use (default) or outdoor mounting with plastic box “DS”.Bandpass filter enclosed in strong 0.8 mm sheet brass box. Strong mechanics will ensure stability and longevity.

Measure data on the assembled filter with HP8753ES network analyzer full 2-port calibrated.
Insertion loss (S21)

1.82 MHz: < -112 dB
3.8 MHz: < -108 dB
7 MHz: -105 dB
14 MHz: -98 dB
21 MHz: -89 dB
28 MHz: -82 dB
50 MHz: -67 dB
54 MHz: -65 dB
88 MHz: -51 dB (FM Signal)
108 MHz: -45 dB (FM Signal)
144 MHz: -36 dB
146 MHz: -36 dB
148 MHz: -35 dB
430 MHz: -0.15 dB, Input RL better than -35 dB
432 MHz: -0.15 dB, Input RL better than -35 dB
440 MHz: -0.15 dB, Input RL better than -35 dB
880 MHz: -25 dB (E-GSM 900)
960 MHz: -30 dB (E-GSM 900)
1240 MHz: -50 dB
1296 MHz: -55 dB
1710 MHz: -47 dB (DCS, 4G. LTE)
2170 MHz: -39 dB, (3G, UTMS)
2450 MHz: -30 dB
Connectors: 2 x “N” Female

432 MHz Super low loss bandpass filter measured data:

70cm Low loss bandpass filter zoomed


430 – 440 MHz Bandpass filter measured HF


430 MHz Bandpass filter measured HF, 50 MHz, 88 – 108 MHz Attenuation:


432MHz Super low loss band-pass filter 144MHz GSM 23cm attenuation


70 cm Super low loss band-pass filter 3G, 4G, LTE, DCS, 2.4GHz attenuation



This type of filter will almost nothing disturb the noise performance of any wideband preamplifier which is especially important in terrestrial and EME communications. It will further ensure smooth operation in the presence of strong signals.
What others say about Bandpass filters and preamplifiers.
“I received the 2 x BPF144 filters and they work very well. They have resolved my out-of-band RFI problem and made my 2M EME station more sensitive to weak signals. The small O.2 dB insertion loss is more than compensated by having the preamps operating in their linear region and not in compression caused by strong local FM broadcast and Aircraft radio systems. It’s a pleasure to do 2M EME now.”
73 Paul W2HRO
“LNA test: Two LNAs have the same behavior. Gain at 144MHz 25.96 dB, NF 0.68, LNA only Gain 25.73 dB, NF 0.88 dB, LNA + filter. Results seem consistent and confirm the 0.2 dB loss of the filter.
-1db compression point happened with -3dBm input signal level.”
73 Franco I2FAK
“Many thanks, good news today all staff well arrived! I made DUTs on test this PM to the VNA HP 8510C and to the noise analyzer, congratulations all specs are very well respected! NF it is a bit better 0.28dB on 144MHz, for the others bands as you say.”>
73 Sylvain F6CIS
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