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Band Pass filter review by WL7CLA

Band Pass filter review by WL7CLA Eham review by WL7CLA Where I live I get blasted by broadcast stations and I have very limited antenna room, so isolation between 6M, 2M and 70cm antennas is an issue as well. I…

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PA144-14-9 Super Yagi Antennas at G4BWP

PA144-14-9 Super Yagi antennas at G4BWP These two 14ele 2m beams from Antenna-Amplifiers work very well.  The antennas were well packed for shipping and were very easy to assemble from the very clear instructionsI was able to help my local…

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70 cm Super Yagi Array PA432-43-12 at ON4IQ

432 MHz Extreme Gain Yagi Array PA432-41-12 at ON4IQ Here are the story of Johan ON4IQ. Assembly start.  It took several months after the delivery of the 41el yagis to get all assembled and mounted on the H frame.Mounting 43…

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PA1296-36-3UT Super Yagi Antenna at LA0GE

PA1296-36-3UT Super Yagi antenna at PA0GE Hello GoranHere are a couple of shot of my new 36 elements 23 cm Super Yagi Antenna.Worked portable from JO59KB yesterday. Beautiful evening and great antenna.Worked into England with 10w and real 59 signals.Best…

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PA1296-70-6UT Super Yagi Antenna at PA5Y

Description PA1296-70-6UT Super Yagi antenna at PA5Y Hello GoranI finally got the 23cms yagi up and the VSWR results are OK. The RX is absolutely amazing. I am delighted with it. Beacons at 600kms are no problem. The pattern is…

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PA5070-11-6 at PA3ECU

Antenna PA5070-11-6BG review by PA3ECU Hello Goran, I will let you know, that i am very happy with my new antenna, i good test it during TROPO, ES and MS and made 100+ qso’s. During the Perseid’s he thit a…

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Low Band DX Preamplifier at G8DKV

Low Band DX Preamplifier at G8DKV Hi Goran, just to say my Low Band DX Preamplifier is working very well behind my DX Engineering NCC-1 that I use on 160m.  The NCC has quite a low output when used with…

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PA144-432-37-7-2CBGP Dual Band 2m/70cm Super Yagi at HB9HLM

The mechanics of the antenna is serious, it’s solid… I recently acquired PA144-432-37-7-2CBGP dual-band antenna developed by antennas-amplifiers. According to my request, Goran has always been very serious during our mail exchanges and reacts very quickly. Previously I used JXX…

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Pleasure to Built new PA5070-13-7BGP

All up and ready for the Summer E’s and Tropo. The antenna Like all the others are a Pleasure to Build, so easy, and all labelled, so you can not go wrong.  1st tests made last night on closed Band…

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Dirk N4AN

Dirk N4AN review of 100 W 2m BPF and 200 W 70 cm BPF 2m 100W Band Pass Filter and 70cm 200W BPF. I just got the filters and measured transmissions at 2 frequencies. The transmissions were very good with…

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Thomas DO3GE

Thank you for your service. This is my second Antenna from I ordered my first one PA144-432-17-2A two or three years ago. And I’m really very happy with the antenna. At that time I could only work portable with a Yagi. But…

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