PA144-432-37-7-2CBGP Dual Band 2m/70cm Super Yagi at HB9HLM

The mechanics of the antenna is serious, it’s solid…

Dual Band Super Yagi Antenna Two Connectors 2m and 70cm PA144-432-37-7-2CBGP at HB9HLM

I recently acquired PA144-432-37-7-2CBGP dual-band antenna developed by antennas-amplifiers.

Two Connector Low Noise 144MHz and 432 MHz Super Yagi Antenna PA144-432-37-7-2CBGP at HB9HLM

According to my request, Goran has always been very serious during our mail exchanges and reacts very quickly.

Previously I used JXX antennas on 144 and 432 MHz, I was quite disappointed because as soon as the weather was wet antennas became and unusable.

After a few days of testing the PA144-432-37-7-2CBGP Yagi antenna shows a great satisfaction on my part. The lobs are very good, the noise level excellent and my reference beacons are 1 to 2 dB higher compared to the JXX antennas which included the same number of elements.

In addition the mechanics of the antenna is serious, it’s solid.

Conclusion: I am very satisfied with my purchase, I have yet to put on my other pylon 5 elements 50MHz antenna PA50-5-4.3B that was made for me on request.

73 André HB9HLM