2 meter 144 MHz Extreme Power Splitter 2-Port 7/16 DIN Input 0.25 wl


2m 2-Way Power Divider Combiner 0.25wl 144MHz with 7/16DIN Input Connector.

Divide – Combine two 144 MHz Antennas. Very high power handling.

144MHz-2m-Power-divider-Splitter-2-port 7/16DIN Input Connector

7/16 DIN Input connector.
2 x “N” output connectors.
Input return loss better than -23 dB.
Maximum power input 3 kW.
Measured SWR on Power Divider 144 MHz with 7/16 DIN Input.
2m Power-Divider-2-Way-144MHz-SWR DIN
Power Splitter 2m 2-Way. Measure Return Loss 144 – 146 MHz
144MHz Power-Splitter-2-Port-2m-RL DIN
Built 144 MHz Power Splitters 2-port with 7/16 DIN Input Connector.
2m-144mhz-2-way-power-divider-combiner-7/16 DIN input-connector