2m CROSS Antenna 2m32CROSSDX 32Elements


World Longest 2m CROSS Antenna 2m32CROSSDX 16+16 Elements

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World Longest 2m CROSS Antenna 2m32CROSSDX 32Elements

Extreme suppression of all side lobes. Ultimate choice for DX-ing or EME work. 16+16 Elements.


2m CROSS Antenna 2m32CROSSDX 32Elements


Electrical Specifications
Frequency Range: 144 – 145 MHz
Free Space Forward Gain: 17.55 dBi
Front to Back Ratio: 38 dB
3 dB Horizontal Beamwidth: TBA° For Horizontal Polarization
3 dB Vertical Beamwidth: TBA° For Horizontal Polarization
G/T for Tsky=290K-Tearth=5400K -1.89 dB for Horizontal and -1.78 dB for Vertical Polarization
Polarization: Horizontal, Vertical, RHCP, LHCP with phase shift
Distance Between Dipoles: 520 mm
Degrees: 90°
Isolation Between Antennas: More than 30 dB
Nominal Input Impedance: 50 Ohms
SWR Across Entire Band: < 1.2
Maximum Power Input: 15000 W per antenna (up to 5000W by order)
Matching Method: Direct feed through common mode choke (current balun)
Connectors: 2 x “N” or 7/16 DIN by order
Mechanical Specifications
Number of Elements: 32 (16 + 16)
Element Diameter: 8 mm Aluminum tube
Dipole Diameter: 8 mm Hard Copper tube plastic coated
Longest Element: 1040 mm
Element Mounting Position: Above the Boom and on side.
Balun and Connectors: Included
Boom Length: 11.9 m
Single Antenna Length: 11.5 m
Boom Size: Tapered Boom 40 x 40 mm, 30 x 30 mm, 20 x 20 mm.
Number of Boom Pieces: 6
Guy rope support: YES, included
Mounting Mast Diameter and Clamp: 43 – 70 mm 1-11/16″ – 2-3/4″ OD, M8 Stainless Steel
Survival Wind Speed: 150 km/h
Net Weight: 15 kg
Gross Weight: 16 kg
Transportation Length: 1.99 m


2 meter CROSS – PLUS Super Yagi Antenna PA144-CROS-32-12DGE Dipoles Baluns and Connector View


2 meter CROSS Super Antenna Ultimate G/T PA144-CROSS-32-12DGP Dipole Balun View



2 meter CROSS Antenna PA144-CROSS-32-12DGP 7/16 DIN Connectors view



2 meter CROSS Antenna PA144-CROSS-32-12DGP Label View


Measured SWR at antenna connector for 2 meter CROSS EME – Q65 – JT65 Super Yagi Antenna PA144-CROSS-32-12DGE


144MHz CROSS Low Noise Yagi Antenna PA144-CROS-24-7BGP Measured SWR Horizontal


2 meter World Best and Biggest CROSS Antenna 144 MHz PA144-CROSS-32-12DGP


144 MHz longest CROSS Antenna Excellent G/T PA144-CROSS-32-12DGP Guy Rope Support


144 MHz CROSS Antenna Element View PA144-CROSS-32-12DGP


2 meter 16 + 16 element CROSS Antenna PA144-CROSS-32-12DGP Rear View


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Additional information

Weight 19,2 kg
Dimensions 199 × 18 × 18 cm


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