2 meter 13 Elements Super Yagi EME Antenna PA144-13-8BGP


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2 meter EME Q65 and Terrestrial Super Yagi Antenna PA144-13-8BGP

Win 144 MHz contest or work many EME stations with just single PA144-13-8BGP and 100W

144MHz WSJT Contest Super Yagi Antenna EME Q65 Low Noise PA144-13-8BGP


Electrical Specifications
Frequency Range: 144 – 145 MHz
Free Space Forward Gain: 16.1 dBi
Forward Gain 20m AGL 20.9 dBi
Front to Back Ratio: 35 dB
3 dB Horizontal Beam-width: 29.9°
Polarization: Horizontal
Nominal Input Impedance: 50 Ohm
Maximum SWR at any freq.: < 1.2
Maximum Power Input: 1500 W
G/T -1.23
Matching Method: Direct feed through current balun.
Connector: “N”
Mechanical Specifications
Boom length: 7.84 m
Boom: Tapered Boom 40×40, 30×30, 20×20
Longest element: 1.04 m
No. of elements: 13
Turning radius: 4.7 m
Mounting Mast Diameter: 43 – 70 mm
Survival Wind Speed: 160 km/h 
Weight: 10.2 kg

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2m Excellent Yagi Antenna 144MHz EME Q65 Super Low Noise PA144-13-8BGP

144 MHz Excellent Yagi Antenna 144MHz EME WSJT Low Noise PA144-13-8BGP

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Weight 12.3 kg
Dimensions 149 × 17 × 16 cm