23 cm Wideband Coaxial Power Splitter Four Port 1296 MHz 0.5 wl


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23 cm 4-Way Wide-band Power Divider Combiner 1296 MHz 0.5 wl.

Split – combine four antennas. Length 1/2wl. Useful variant for “H” frames. High power handling.


5 x Teflon “N” connector.
Input return loss better then -28 dB.
Maximum power input 600 W.
1296 MHz 4-Port Power Divider Combiner 1296MHz. Excellent SWR from 1240 to 1320 MHz. From 1.06 to 1.14.
Excellent Wideband results from 1220 MHz to 1350 MHz for 4-Way Power Splitter Divider 1296 MHz. Excellent Return Loss (RL).
Excellent Wideband mesured data with calibrated HP8753ES from 1240 MHz to 1320 MHz for 4-Way Combiner 1296 MHz.