2 meter WideBand Power Divider 4 Port Combiner 1/2 wl 7/16DIN


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2 meter Power Splitter 4 Way Divider 0.5 wl 7/16 DIN Input.

Divide Combine four antennas in “H” cofiguration. Very high power handling.

2m-144MHz-Power-Splitter-4-Way 1/2wl long DIN

7/16 DIN Input connector.
4 x “N” output connectors.
Input return loss better than -30 dB.
Maximum power input 4 kW.
Measured Return Loss (RL) on built 4-Way Power Splitter for 2m band.
2m-144mhz-power-splitter-4-port-05wl Return Loss

144 Mhz 4-Port Power Splitter Appearance with 7/16 DIN input connector and four “N” output connectors. 

Power-Divider-Combiner-4-Way-144MHz-2m 05wl