2 meter Dual Band Coaxial Power Splitter 4 Port Divider 7/16 DIN


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144 MHz 2 meter Power Splitter 4 Way 1/4wl with 7/16 DIN Input

Divide – combine four antennas with this coaxial divider. Possibility to use splitter on Dual Band Antennas. Extreme Power.

Measured Return Loss on Both 144 MHz and 432 MHz bands. Excellent results. Power Splitter 4-Port.


2m-70cm-4-Port power-splitter 4-way dual-band RL

7/16 DIN Input connector.
4 x “N” output connectors.
Input return loss better then -23 dB.
Maximum power input 4 kW.
Power Splitter for 2m and 70cm 4-Way. Measured Low SWR.

2m 70cm-144mhz-power-splitter-4-way-dual-band SWR