AIS 162 MHz Marine Tracking Low Noise Preamplifier with Bandpass Filter

AIS 162 MHz Marine Tracking Low Noise Preamplifier with Bandpass Filter


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AIS 162MHz Marine Automatic Identification System Low Noise Preamplifier with PGA-103+ High Selectivity Bandpass Filter

In the box is an embedded super low loss bandpass filter and preamplifier with PGA-103. High-quality marine tracking bandpass filter with preamplifier.

Thanks to input filtering, this preamplifier and bandpass filter combination is much more immune to interference from out-of-the-band signals.


Receive gain:
7.1 MHz < -76 dB
14.15 MHz = -83 dB
21.2 MHz = -72 dB
28.4 MHz = – 73 dB
50 MHz = -69 dB
54 MHz = -68 dB
70.2 MHz = -60 dB
88 MHz= -51 dB
108 MHz= -40 dB
144.1 MHz= -10 dB
146 MHz= -7 dB
148 MHz= -3.5 dB
162 MHz = +24.8 dB, NF=1.4 dB, Input RL -20 dB, IP3out > 37 dBm
288 MHz = -22 dB
430 MHz = -50 dB
440 MHz = -50 dB
Power consumption +12 V, 120 mA
Connectors: “N” Female
These excellent results were achieved by careful selection of components and design.
The signal is filtered to suppress out-of-band signals and then amplified. All measured data are displayed while the preamplifier is active.


Return Loss – S11 (CH 1) and Insertion Loss – S21 (CH 2). Characteristics of 162 MHz Band pass filter and preamplifier.



Additional measured data for Marine Automatic Identification System (AIS) preamplifier and bandpass filter.High HF attenuation of 70 dB and more.

AIS-Preamplifier-162-MHz-Band-Pass-Filter-Measured-Data-HF frequencies
Attenuation on 6 Meter band, 4 Meter band, FM

AIS-Preamplifier-162-MHz-Band-Pass-Filter-Measured-Data-6m-FM attenuation
2-meter signals are suppressed from 7 to 10 dB.


Suppression of harmonics and interfering signals from UHF. Measured Harmonics and 70 cm – 432 MHz Attenuation:

162MHz-Marine-Traffic-AIS-Preamplifier-Band-Pass-Filter-Measured-Data-Harmonics-70cm-432MHz Attenuation

What others say about AIS Preamplifier with Band Pass Filter and Antennas:

I got the PA162-10-5A Marine Tracking Yagi Antenna up yesterday.
They’re looking pretty good.
I’ve received out to 553 km distance during the night to King Island Lighthouse. That’s pretty good I think.
Leigh VK2KRR

There has been some further development since the last email.
Have now been able to hear out to 1073 km on the marine tracking array. Keeping in mind that marine tracking transmitters are only 12 watts FM.


Some additional information.


Thank you for sending the 70 cm yagis. More work ahead for me.
VK2KRR’s Facebook page address is
Leigh VK2KRR

John EI2FG
I find that my AIS station is working so much better now.
This picture from the Marine Traffic website shows the ships that my station is receiving.

AIS-John-EI2FG-Marine-Traffic with preamplifier

My station is #3145, see
With best regards, John EI2FG


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