EME3-50 MHz 6 meter Band-Pass Filter with Low Noise Preamplifier 1500W T/R Relay


6 meter 50 MHz – 54 MHz High Selectivity Low Loss Band Pass Filter with PGA-103+ Low Noise Preamplifier and 1.5 kW QRO Transmit-Receive Relay EME3-50

Embedded in the box: High Q, Super Low Loss Band-pass FilterPGA-103+ Wide-Band Low Noise Amplifier and QRO relay.

EME3-50-MHz-High-Q-Low-Loss-Bandpass-Filter-Amplifier-50-54MHz-with-PGA-103+Very-Low-Noise-Preamplifier-1500W T/R Relay Made by antennas-amplifiers.com

QRO made on low dielectric loss RT/duroid® 5880 Laminates (not on FR4 Important!). 

This EME 3 – 50 device consists of three components:
2. Wideband Low Noise Amplifier. Price: 59 EUR.
Receive gain:
7.1 MHz < -59 dB
14.15 MHz = -41 dB
21.2 MHz = -30 dB
28.4 MHz = – 20 dB
50 MHz =+26.6dB, NF=0.8 dB, Input RL-10dB, IP3out > 36 dBm
51 MHz =+26.6dB, NF=0.8 dB, Input RL-10dB, IP3out > 36 dBm
52 MHz =+26.7dB, NF=0.8 dB, Input RL-12dB, IP3out > 36 dBm
54 MHz =+26.9dB, NF=0.8 dB, Input RL-16dB, IP3out > 36 dBm
Harmonics and interfering signals:
70.2 MHz = -6 dB
88 MHz= -27 dB
98 MHz= -35 dB
108 MHz= -40 dB
144.1 MHz = -42 dB
Power consumption +12 V, 220 mA
Input RL: <= -40 dB, Insertion loss: 0.03 dB
Maximum power input at SWR: 
1:1 = 1500 W; 1:1.5 = 1100 W; 1:2 = 800 W; 1:3 = 600 W
EME3-50 6m High Selectivity, High Q, Low Loss Bandpass Filter with PGA-103+ Very Low Noise Preamplifier and 1500W T/R Relay Schematic:
6m-EME-Low-Loss-Bandpass-Filter-with-PGA-103+Preamplifier-1500W T/R Relay Schematic
Product versions:
1. With “N” connectors. Listed price.
2. With 7/16 DIN Antenna and TX IN connector. “N” connector on RX OUT. Listed price + 30 EUR
Outdoor version:
All the options above can be made for Outdoor mounting and it is + 9 EUR. You will receive:
1. EME 3 50 – 54 MHz High selectivity, High Q, Low Loss Band-pass
Filter with pre-amplifier and Transmit / Receive
2. Special “Plastic Box – DB” with IP63 standard (Resistant to Rain, Wind and UV)
3. Mast mounting clamp for plastic boxes. U-Bolt with serrated saddle for up to 50 mm pipe.
The recorded data on the assembled filter with HP8753ES full 2-port calibrated are presented below.
EME3-50 Measured gain
EME 3-50 Band Pass filter with PGA103+ Preamplifier and T/R relay Measured HF:
50 MHz – 54 MHz Low Loss Bandpass Filter For Tropo – EME with PGA-103+ Preamplifier 1500W T/R “Narrow band View“:
50 - 54 MHz 6m Bandpass Filter with PGA-103+ Zoomed Made By antennas-amplifiers.com
6m Low Loss Bandpass EME-Tropo Filter with PGA-103+ Preamplifier 1500W T/R Relay Measured Attenuation Harmonics:
50MHz Band pass filter with PGA-103+ preamplifier 1500W T/R relay measured insertion loss and return loss on transmission side.
50MHz Low Loss Band pass Filter with PGA103+ Measured Transmit Insertion Loss Return Loss S21 and S11 Made By antennas-amplifiers.com

Designed to be used with transceivers with separate RX antenna input connector.


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