70 cm 1200 W Ultimate High Power Bias Tee 432 MHz Outdoor

70 cm 1200 W Ultimate High Power Bias Tee 432 MHz Outdoor


400 – 500 MHz High Power 1200 W Bias Tee – Remote Powering Outdoor

What’s a Bias Tee?

A “Bias-Tee” also known as a “DC Inserter” is a simple way to feed DC power through coaxial cable to the remote device such as pre-amplifier and/or or transmit / receive relays via the coaxial cable.
Like EME2-432, EME3-432 or Preamplifiers.

Main task is to inject DC current into, or extract DC current from coaxial cable, leaving the RF signal undisturbed.

Bias tee is passive RF circuits consisting of a capacitors and inductor. Act as diplexer by combining DC and RF signals onto a common port RF+DC.

Antennas-Amplifiers “70cm Bias Tee” has impressive RF performance on whole 70 cm band 430-450MHz or full range 400-500MHz and high power handling 1200 W.

70cm 1200W Ulimate High Power Bias Tee 400-500MHz 432MHz

Best in-class electrical performance:

Frequency Range: 400 – 500 MHz
Max Power SWR 1:1 1200 W
Insertion loss: 0.01 dB
Input Return Loss: -35 dB
Isolation RF port to DC port: 80 dB
DC resistance from DC to RF: 0.15 Ω
Supply Voltage: 30 V
Supply Current: 1 A
Connectors “N”


Permanent damage may occur if any of these limits are exceeded.  


70 cm 1200 W Ultimate High Power Bias-Tee 430-450 MHz Measured extreme high DC-RF isolation 80 dB that minimizes RF signal leakage and interference with other devices.


70cm 430-440 MHz 1200W Ultimate Super Low Loss Bias Tee RF to DC Port Isolation 432MHz


70 cm Bias Tee 430 – 450 MHz High Power 1200 W Measured Super Low Loss Insertion Loss and excellent Return Loss


70cm 432MHz 1200W High Power Low Loss Bias Tee Measured Insertion Loss and Return Loss 400-500MHz


Recommended position of 70 cm outdoor Bias-Tee is at the end of the coaxial cable to pass DC power to the remote device.

Inject DC into Coaxial cable.

Extracts DC from Coaxial cable.

400 -500 MHz 70 cm 1200 W Ultimate Bias Tee Outdoor Mounting appearance


70cm 1200W Ulimate Bias Tee 432MHz-Outdoor 400-500MHz



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