23 cm High Wind Locations Yagi Antenna PA1296-43-3.6AUTHD

23 cm High Wind Locations Yagi Antenna PA1296-43-3.6AUTHD

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1296 MHz Contest and EME Stationary Super Yagi Antenna PA1296-43-3.6AUTHD Strong Construction.

High wind area super Yagi antenna. Heavy-duty design.


23cm Super Yagi Antenna PA1296-43-3.6AUT High Power High Wind Locations


1296MHz – 23cm High Wind Area Yagi Antenna PA1296-43-3.6AUT Portable EME Q65 Azimuth Radiation Pattern


1296MHz - 23cm High Wind Area Yagi Antenna PA1296-43-3.6AUT Portable EME Q65 Azimuth Radiation Pattern


Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range: 1290 – 1310 MHz
Free Space Forward Gain: 21.4 dBi
Front-to-Back Ratio: 38 dB
-3 dB Horizontal Beamwidth: 17.2°
-3 dB Vertical Beamwidth: 17.55°
Polarization: Horizontal
Nominal Input Impedance: 50 Ohms
SWR Across Entire Band: < 1.2
Maximum Power Input: 300W
Matching Method: Voltage balun. UT141 or similar Teflon cable
Connector: “N”

Mechanical Specifications

The number of elements: 43
Element Diameter: 4 mm Aluminum rod
Dipole Diameter: 3 mm Copper
Balun and Connector: Included
Longest element: 120 mm
Element Mounting Position: Above the Boom
Boom Length: 3.54 m
Boom: 20x20mm
The number of Boom Pieces: 3
Mounting Mast Diameter: 43 – 70 mm 1-11/16″ – 2-3/4″ OD, M8 Stainless Steel two clamps.
Survival Wind Speed: 150 km/h
Net Weight: 4 kg
Gross Weight: 5.2 kg
Transportation Length: 1.18 meters (Airplane Checked Baggage Length)


23 cm Super Yagi PA1296-43-3.6AUTHD with bottom support. Strong bracket with two stainless steel M8 clamps.




Vertical Stacking Distance:

Two antennas for F/S -13 dB 730 mm
Gain: 24.2 dBi


Horizontal Stacking Distance:


Two antennas for F/S< -13 dB 740 mm
Gain: 24.2 dBi

23 cm High Wind Area Super Yagi Antenna 1290 – 1310 MHz PA1296-43-3.6AUTHD Appearance.




1296 MHz HD Windy Locations Super Yagi Antenna 20.4 dBi PA1296-43-3.6AUTHD label.




Measured Return Loss at antenna connector PA1296-43-3.6AUTHD High Wind Area Yagi.




Measured SWR at antenna connector PA1296-43-3.6AUTHD Strong Wind Locations Yagi.




All elements are already attached, positioned, and measured

Just join the boom and support. Enjoy in strong signals with PA1296-43-3.6AUTHD.

Picture taken on a sunny day. Boom and elements stand straight as an arrow.




With this antenna setup. Stack of 3 antennas contest crew F1AAM, F6BKD, F1FIH and F2CT Wins  F8TD Trophy 2021


PA1296-43-3.6AUT High Wind Locations Yagi Antenna at F1AAM F6BKD F1FIH F2CT Winning F8TD Trophy


In the picture are Bernard F6BKD/HB9AYX, Michel F1FIH, Jean Pierre F1AAM, and F2CT.
Excellent results with ODX more than 1000 km.

Congratulations to the team.


A Major advance in Amateur Radio antenna design.

All antennas have been calculated using state-of-the-art full 3D Electromagnetic Simulation
Software including the influence of the boom, bracket, baluns, and connectors.

The performance of antennas designed using these techniques is exceptional, far better than
antennas designed using “wire” programs like EZNEC Pro/4 –NEC v5.0, 4NEC2, MMANA, or AO.


Weight 5,2 kg
Dimensions 119 × 19 × 12 cm

2 reviews for 23 cm High Wind Locations Yagi Antenna PA1296-43-3.6AUTHD

  1. Guy F2CT

    Your PA1296-43-3.6AUTHD 3 x 43el stack on 23cm.
    We won the F8TD trophée on SHF end of august 2021 with outstanding results and tropo DX over 1000km.
    Cordiales 73
    Guy F2CT

  2. Mirce Z32ZP

    With this PA1296-43-3.6AUTHD antenna on IARU UHF/Microwaves contest i made ODX 797km QSO with OM3KII from North Macedonia with just 10W from Icom 9700 and 7m LMR400 cable. No preamplifier.
    Very satisfied.
    Mirce Z32ZP

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