LEO Pack

LEO pack kit 2 meter Cross antenna and 70 cm CROSS Antenna

Tracking LEO satellites with complete antenna system.

2m/70cm Satellite Antennas.

2-meter and 70-cm antennas designed for satellite communications. Whole antenna solution is in one place. Consists of 2 meters CROSS RHCP antenna and a 70 cm CROSS RHCP antenna. RHCP Kit is included with the 2m/70cm satellite antennas (LEO PACK)

3 types of 2 meter and 70 cm satellite antennas:

  1. LEO Pack – Excellent Rear mount design for Satellite communication. Excellent antennas for Sattelite and Repeater work.
  2. Big LEO Pack – Perfect antennas for Satellites, Terrestrial, EME, and Repeaters. Even with low power.
  3. Super LEO Pack – Work Satellites with super low power. Excellent antennas not just for satellites but for EME, MS, and DXing.