2m 5000W BandPass Filter

2m 5000W BandPass Filter


2m 5000W BandPass Filter 144-148MHz

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Extreme power 2m 5000W BandPass Filter

After any 2m linear amplifier, it is very important to put a bandpass filter to clean harmonics. Does not matter if you use one or two RF Power LDMOS transistors like Freescale MRFE6VP61K25H Ampleon ART1K6FH or the latest NXP MRFX1K80H this 2m 5000W BandPass Filter will do the job.


2m 5000W BandPass Filter

High power capability, extremely low insertion Loss of just 0.078dB, and high SWR handling will enable safe operation in any normal conditions.

Although the intention of this filter is to be used as a transmitting filter, the design allows also it to be used as a receiving filter before wideband LNA to protect sensitive devices from strong out-of-band signals.
Intended to be used with linear amplifiers with 8877, GS35, GS31, GU78, or GU84 as well as with other tubes or RF Power LDMOS transistors.

This Bandpass filter will suppress any signals from HF 1.8 – 28 MHz stations, 50-54 MHz, and 70cm – 432 MHz to pass to the preamplifier or transceiver.
The filter will reduce TVI problems or your problem with neighbors with strong RFI from HF, 6m, or 70cm transmitters.


Measured attenuation on the finished 2m 5000W BandPass Filter:

1.8 MHz 108 dB
3.8 MHz 101 dB
7.1 MHz 93 dB
14.15 MHz 91 dB
21.02 MHz 73 dB
28.4 MHz 58 dB
50.1 MHz 34 dB
70.1 MHz 20 dB
144 MHz 0.076 dB, RL -35dB
146 MHz 0.077 dB, RL -35 dB
148 MHz 0.082 dB, RL -35 dB
222.1 MHz 11 dB
288.2 MHz 36 dB
432.3 MHz 34 dB

Maximum Power Input at SWR: 1:1 = 5kW; 1:1.5 = 3.4kW, 1:2 = 2.8kW; 1:3 = 2.3kW


2m 5000W BandPass Filter Low Loss


Measured results of 2m 5000W BandPass Filter:


2m 5000W BandPass Filter HF Attenuation

2m 5000W BandPass Filter HF Attenuation


2m 5000W BandPass Filter 10m 6m 4m Attenuation

2m 5000W BandPass Filter 10m 6m 4m Attenuation


6m 222MHz 70cm Attenuation

2m 5000W BandPass Filter 6m 222MHz 70cm Attenuation


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