2m 8Element Rear Mount Antenna 2m8DXR

2m 8Element Rear Mount Antenna 2m8DXR


2m 8Element Rear Mount Antenna 2m8DXR 144-145MHz

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Maximum gain 2m 8Element Rear Mount Antenna 2m8DXR

The largest 2m 8Element Rear Mount Antenna 2m8DXR for DXing on about 3m boom. Excellent to put on the tower side in the stack of four or eight antennas in a fixed direction. Good as a balcony DX antenna in a confined space.


2m 8Element Rear Mount Antenna 2m8DXR for DXing

2m 8Element Rear Mount Antenna 2m8DXR


What does 2m8DXR mean?

  • 2m – 2m band
  • 88 elements
  • DX – Covers DX part of 2m band 144-145MHz
  • RRear mount antenna with strong “RA” bracket with guy rope support


It could be produced in three versions:

  • 2m8DXR for the DX part of the band 144-145MHz. Excellent for 2m contests as stack antenna.
  • 2m8WBR wideband version 144-146MHz
  • 2m8WideR extra wideband version with 4MHz bandwidth 144-148MHz Region 2


Electrical Specifications of 2m 6Element Rear Mount Antenna 2m8DXR

Frequency Range: 144 – 145 MHz
Free Space Forward Gain: 12.2 dBi
Front-to-Back Ratio: 28 dB
-3 dB Horizontal Beamwidth: 45.6°
Polarization: Horizontal
Nominal Input Impedance: 50 Ohms
SWR Across Entire Band: < 1.2
Maximum Power Input: 500W
Matching Method: Direct feed through common mode choke (current balun)
Connector: “N”


Power versions of 2m8DXR

“P” – Power version “N” Input connector RG142 5mm Teflon balun cable: 1500W 2m8DXRP
“E” – Extra power 7/16 DIN Input connector 7mm SM250 Teflon balun cable: 2000W 2m8DXRE
“EX” – EXtreme power 7/16 DIN Input connector 10mm RG115 Teflon balun cable: 5000W 2m8DXREX


Mechanical Specifications of 2m 6Element Rear Mount Antenna 2m8DXR

Number of elements: 8
Element Diameter: 8 mm Aluminum tube
Dipole Diameter: 8 mm Hard Copper tube plastic coated
Longest element: 1040 mm
Element Mounting Position: Below the Boom
Balun and Connector: Included
Boom Length: 2.92m
Boom Size: 30 x 30 mm
Number of Boom Pieces: 2
Guy rope support: Yes, Included
Mounting Mast Diameter: 43 – 70 mm 1-11/16″ – 2-3/4″ OD
Survival Wind Speed: 150 km/h
Transportation Length: 1.49 m
Antenna Weight: 5 kg


Antennas-Amplifiers Product Benefits. A Major advance in Amateur Radio antenna design.


  • F/B and G/T superiority.

All antennas have been calculated using state-of-the-art full 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software including the influence of the boom, bracket, baluns, and connectors. The performance of antennas designed using these techniques is exceptional, far better than antennas designed using “wire” programs.

  • No tuning antennas

Before dispatch, we assemble each antenna and test antenna characteristics. That means you may expect excellent electrical and mechanical attributes including low SWR across the designed range immediately after assembling.
No need to tune the dipole, or any other element to get perfect SWR on the intended frequency range. Everything is pre-tuned.

  • Easy to set up

Everything is labeled, just put number to number. The antenna can be assembled with hand tools in a couple of minutes.
Everything is included in the antenna box: Antenna, balun with connector, and bracket. Yours is to assemble and have fun!

The old name of the antenna was PA144-8-3BRG


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Weight 5,2 kg
Dimensions 149 × 15 × 10 cm


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