4 kW HF Bandpass filters at W4AAW

4 kW HF Bandpass filters

These just arrived from EX-YU.  They are the excellent 4kW bandpass harmonic filters from Goran, YU1CF.

HF Band Pass Filters produced by AntennasAmplifiers.com DHL Express W4AAW Remote Amateur Radio Contest Station


Shown here are the filters for 160, 80, 20, 15 and 10M. Beautiful workmanship and very impressive attenuation curves.


We already have the 40M filter from this set, courtesy of Jim – W4TMO. These will mount on an aluminum grounding plate on the wall, just below the “Wall ‘O Relays” Antenna Switchboard. Common mode chokes wound on the huge Amidon ferrite rings y’all bought will go right at the output port of each filter. We’re getting there.


73, Mike W4AAW

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