40m Full Size Monster Yagi Antenna 4 elements PA7-4-18HD


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40m Full size Heavy Duty Yagi antenna on 18m Boom PA7-4-18HD

The best antenna for 40m competitions.


Electrical Specifications PA7-4-18HD
Frequency Range: 7 – 7.2 MHz
Free Space Forward Gain: 8.7 dBi
Front to Back Ratio: 21 dB
3 dB Horizontal Beamwidth: 61°
Polarization: Horizontal
Nominal Input Impedance: 50 Ohms
SWR Across Entire Band: < 1.5
Maximum Power Input: More than 3 kW (up to 10 kW versions)
Matching Method: Direct feed through current balun.
Connector: SO239, “N” or 7/16 DIN
Mechanical Specifications PA7-4-18HD
Number of Elements: 4 full size elements
Elements Diameter: Tapered elements. Central 50 mm, last 8 mm
Longest Element: 23 m
Element Mounting Position: Below the Boom
Boom Length: 17.2 m
Boom Size: 100 x 100 mm + 80 x 80 Aluminum
Number of Boom Pieces: 6 or 3. Customized by order
Guy rope support: Yes, 8 x Stainless Steel 5 mm rope support
Balun and Connector: Included
Mounting Mast Diameter: 60 – 650 mm. Customized by order
Turning radius: 16 m
Surface Area: 2 m2
Element Survival Wind Speed: 130 km/h
Net Weight: 186 kg
Gross Weight: 200 kg
Transportation Length: 3 m or 6 m. Customized by order
Storytelling through pictures:
40m Monster Yagi antenna. Guy rope support.
Last wire inspection.
Each element is secured additionally with 4 ropes:
PA7-4-18HD-7MHz-4Elements-18m Long Boom
The boom support is made of 8 pcs. 5mm thick Stainless Steel ropes.
40M Band 7MHz 4El Guy Rope Boom Support Antennas-Amplifiers
Starting element diameter 50mm.
7MHz 4Elements Ham Radio Wires 7MHz 4Elements
Full Size Yagi Antenna. 4 elements for 40m band. Elements are straight as an arrow.
7 MHz four elements full size beam PA7-4-18HD. Beautiful antenna view.
World-Best 7MHz Antenna four Elements
YouTube video about PA7-4-18HD:

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