40m Monster Yagi PA7-4-18 at DK7LJ

7 MHz 4 Elements Monster Yagi PA7-4-18 at DK7LJ

Hi Goran Antenna works very well. I am very satisfied with the 40m beam. No alignment was necessary. All promised data were true. Today we had the first storm “Sebastian” (110km/h) no damage.

73 Per DK7LJ

Photo story: PA7-4-18 Test Assembling at KN03QN


PA7-4-18 DK7LJ Test Assembling KN03QN


PA7-4-18 DK7LJ assembling antenna.


PA7-4-18-DK7LJ Assembling


Monster 40m Beam PA7-4-18 DK7LJ Raise Up


40 meter 4 elements Antenna Mounting


Monster 7 MHz Yagi PA7-4-18 DK7LJ Mounting


40m Antenna PA7-4-18 DK7LJ Raise Up


HF 40m Super Yagi Antenna PA7-4-18 Assembled at DK7LJ Location


Monster 7MHz Yagi Beam Antenna PA7-4-18 Per DK7LJ Location


Heavy Duty 40m Yagi Antenna PA7-4-18 at DK7LJ Location


40m Monster Yagi Location