5 Band HF WARC Antenna 5B-11-5 at DF3LZ

5B-11-5 HF WARC Antenna at DF3LZ

Hi Goran,Today i finished the installation of the 5B-11-5 5-band yagi.The installation went very smooth.All parts were signed very well and the setup took a very short time.Now I am testing the antenna and I am very satisfied. It is keeping the values as promised.Directivity and SWR are as expected.Picture story:5Band HF Antenna Assembly Check.

5Band HF Antenna Assembly Check DF3LZ

5-Band HF Antenna Mounting Start

5-Band HF Antenna Mounting Start

5-Band HF WARC Antenna element assembly. Elements are marked very good.

5-Band HF Antenna Element Assembly

HF Five band antenna. Area view of the installation.

5Band HF Antenna Mounting area view

HF WARC five band antenna 5B-11-5 nearly finished.

WARC HF Antenna 5-Band finished

HF 5 Band WARC antenna mounting. Ready for the tower.

HF WARC 5Band Antenna Mounting ready for the tower

5 Band HF Antenna Mounting my mechanic is fixing the last screws.

5Band HF Antenna Mounting my mechanic is fixing the last screws

Five band HF antenna mounting DF3LZ tower. Ready for lift up.

Five Band HF Antenna Mounting DF3LZ tower ready for lift up

QRV again.

HF 5-Band Antenna DF3LZ QRV again 5B-11-5

First contact on 20m was R18BRA. One call and he was logged.Thanks for an excellent antenna.73 de Roland , DF3LZwww.frequencymanager.dehttps://twitter.com/DF3LZ