6m EME with Dualband Antenna PA5070-11-6 by PA5Y

50 MHz EME with Dualband Antenna PA5070-11-6 by PA5Y

18.02.2017Finally the weather is good enough to put up the antenna. The labelling on the antenna was the best I have ever seen, and while the antenna has a lot of parts it went together very easily. It is also clearly very strong. I quite liked the mast clamp as well.Listening to beacons it appears to be very good…….. PA5Y


19.02.2017First impressions are excellent. I borrowed a MetroVNA pro from my friend so that I could do 6m. I have attached the plots and a photo in the fading light from my phone.PA5070-11-6 Antenna 4m Plot PA5Y Measuring


PA5070-11-6 Antenna 6m Plot PA5Y Measuring



We had some very strong winds on Thursday, 100kph plus gusting and the antenna was 100% OK, in fact it hardly moved.

On Saturday I started on 6m for the first time from the Netherlands. The antenna is outstanding on both 6m and 4m. I am very happy with the performance, it exceeds my expectations. In just 8 hrs operating on 6m I have had 30 QSOs with 18 DXCC, all with low power, no Es, just MS during the worst part of the year for meteor activity. The antenna has a clean pattern which I notice this on most on 4m. I can no longer hear the PCs in my own shack due to the suppression of the vertical lobes. I also used the antenna in a UK based 4m contest and I had 16 QSOs at an average distance of 465 km per QSO, all tropo!

I highly recommend this antenna, it is excellent. PA5Y


Recently with your excellent PA50-70-11-6 dual bander I have worked Lance VK6CGJ in September and VK6XGJ and Wayne VK4WTN on 6m EME. I have attached the 2 screen grabs for the QSOs with Lance.

PA5070-11-6 Antenna 6m EME QSO VK9XGJ – PA5Y


PA5070-11-6 Antenna 6m EME QSO VK9CGJ – PA5Y




Conrad PA5Y