70 cm Super Yagi Array PA432-43-12 at ON4IQ

432 MHz Extreme Gain Yagi Array PA432-41-12 at ON4IQ

70cm-EME-Tropo-Extreme Gain-Yagi-Array-PA432-43-12-ON4IQ-on-Tower

Here are the story of Johan ON4IQ.

Assembly start. 


It took several months after the delivery of the 41el yagis to get all assembled and mounted on the H frame.Mounting 43 el on the boom was time consuming  even though there are just 2 screws for each element. It was straightforward though as each element was clearly marked and boom position was marked as well. 


70 cm Extreme Gain Yagi Array PA432-41-12 on Tower.


432 MHz EME Tropo Antenna Array PA432-41-12 Assembled on Tower.


I didnt bother to check swr on each antenna as i felt confident in the build quality. Once all where mounted and connected with 1/2 inch hardline I swept the array with the analyser.Swr is 1.004 to 1 at resonance 432.454MhzSwr is less than 1.1 to 1 from 432 to 433mhzSwr is less than 1.2 from 430 to 439mhz. Needless to say i am very pleased with this.


SWR measured at Johan ON4IQ location.


Array is hughe, the only downside, it is well over 150kg, 12m booms, over 8m high. I have evaluated the array on tropo for 2 weeks now.Boy it works, the OZ7IGY beacon at 746km almost always copyable. A dozen of tropo qso made over 700km under flat condx. Even one over 900km.First the first time ever in 30 years some aurora qso.It sure looks like a winner to me.

Vy 73 Johan ON4IQ https://www.qrz.com/db/ON4IQ


Best of the Best 70cm Super Yagi Antenna PA432-41-12


70 cm World’s Best Super Yagi Antenna With Highest G/T PA432-41-12DGP