Band Pass filter review by WL7CLA

Great filters at a reasonable cost.
Band-Pass Filter 2m-6m-70cmTX 70cmRX

Received the filter weeks back.

Overall sweeps look just like yours. 50-54 sweep matches yours as well.

Compared to a silver plated amphenol barrel with multiple measurements across multiple days I get .09 to .1 db loss (50 solidly at .09, 53-54 flipping back/forth .09/.1 reading to reading (2 digit after decimal display limit, so around .093 to .097.

Was not surprised it was a good quality filter, but was very surprised to get readings that close. 

The 6M and 2M TX bandpass filters are installed inline after amps and doing well.

The 2M and 70cm receive only bandpass filters are installed in my terrestrial LNA assemblies protecting the LNAs from broadcast/business band overload and from my antennas being too close. I keep one 2M and 70cm filter in the shack on the test bench.

Very, very happy with all of them.

Chris WL7CLA

Picture of 50-54MHz 1500W Band Pass filter

6meter High Power Band-Pass Filter 1500W-1.5kW Low-Loss