VHF Dipole Holder “Max AIR” Square Boom 20mm

VHF Dipole Holder “Max AIR” Square Boom 20mm


VHF Dipole Holder “Max AIR”

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VHF Dipole Holder “Max AIR” Square Boom 20mm UV resistant 




Ideal to hold dipoles for 50MHz, 70MHz, 100MHz, 144MHz, and 220MHz antennas.

We designed the dipole holder to be very strong. Keeping in mind to achieve the best possible characteristics for dipoles:
1. Plastic touches the dipole in a minimum number of points. Which is 2 per side.
2. Thanks to the “Air” design plastic minimally disturbs the electrical performance of the dipole. That’s why we call this holder “Max AIR”.
3. None of the metal parts touches the dipole.
4. Holder is made of one of the best RF plastics Polyethylene (HDPE). Dielectric constant 2.5 – 2.6.
5. Very strong construction.
6. Designed for plenty of boom diameters square and round.
7. Designed for different element pipe diameters.


We designed a range of holders that could satisfy all amateur and professional needs.

If you design an antenna with this dipole holder with full-3D electromagnetic modeling software, all the important dimensions are right in the pictures.
The distance between the dipole element and boom is 22 – 24mm. Depending on the element diameter.
You could use it for boom correction.


Possible dipole pipe dimensions:
Metric: 8mm, 10mm and 12mm.
strong>Imperial dimensions:  5/16″, 3/8″, 7/16″ and 1/2″.

img class=”alignnone” style=”width: 738px; height: 168px;” title=”UV-Resistant-Dipole-Holder-Max-Air-Space-View” src=”https://antennas-amplifiers.com/wp-content/uploads/image/catalog/Max-Air/20mm/UV-Resistant-Dipole-Holder-Max-Air-Space-View.jpg” alt=”UV-Resistant-Dipole-Holder-Max-Air-Space-View” width=”738″ height=”168″ />

The driven element holder “Max AIR”  is constructed in such a way that heavy wind or snow won’t break it.


Dipole-driven element holder “Max AIR” 3D visualization in a computer simulation.


What you’ll get?

1. UV-resistant dipole holder “Max AIR”
2. Stainless steel bolts and self-locking hex nuts to tighten the dipole pipe.
3. Stainless steel – Inox big bolt. Long enough for appropriate boom with washer and nylon insert self-locking hex nut.
4. Best possible dipole holder.


Protected as new industrial design.


Drivene element holder “Max AIR” on 50 MHz antenna. Boom 40mm, dipole element 12mm.


Dipole insulator – holder “Max AIR” on 144 MHz antenna. Boom 40mm, dipole element 8mm copper.


“Max AIR” dipole holder on 50 MHz Xpol Antenna. Element 12mm


Connecting balun to the dipole on 50 MHz antenna. “Max AIR” dipole holder.


Dipole holder “Max AIR” water protection on 144MHz antenna. All elements OD8mm.

We think that the “Max AIR” dipole holder is the world’s best dipole element holder you can get for 50 MHz, 70 MHz, 144 MHz, and 220 MHz antennas.


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