Excellent setup at IK4WLV

….. always facing the Moon, after a little more than a year of honorable service, I dismantle the 2 x32 M2 antennas to make room for the new array of 4x PA144-XPOL-24-7BGP antennas, much shorter than the previous M2 antennas but really very performing. The new antennas are well made and very robust, Goran YU1CF is always very helpful with explanations and data about the antennas. The assembly of the PA144-XPOL-24-7BGP requires no manual, everything is carefully labelled, so that no parts can be reversed. the first tests have been very positive, I have done very interesting listening to single Yagi stations with power under 500 watts. The SWR measured is on the order of 1:1 across the band and in both polarizations, even with wet antennas the SWR worsens very little…

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