Low Band DX Preamplifier at G8DKV

Low Band DX Preamplifier at G8DKV

Hi Goran, just to say my Low Band DX Preamplifier is working very well behind my DX Engineering NCC-1 that I use on 160m.  The NCC has quite a low output when used with beverage antennas and the pre-amplifier raises the level to a point that is equal to my other receive aerials so no RF gain adjustments on changeover. I have two very strong MW broadcast stations nearby and no problem from them either.  A very useful device!

Low-Band-DX-Preamplifier-at G8DKV Martyn

Thanks Martyn G8DKV https://qrz.com/db/G8DKV

More information:

Device is unconditionally stable. It is perfect for for Beverages, K9AY Loop, Waller Flag, Pennant Loop etc. Offers extremely high dynamic range with very low noise figure. It is good for any frequency between 1 MHz and 150 MHz. You can read more about it here.