Low Band DX – HF – VHF 23 dB Wide Band Preamplifier

Low Band DX – HF – VHF 23 dB Wide Band Preamplifier


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Low Band DX and VHF unconditionally stable preamplifier for Beverages, K9AY Loop, Waller Flag, Pennant Loop etc. Offers extremely high dynamic range with very low noise figure.

Low Band DX Preamplifier specifications:

Gain: 1.8 – 30 MHz = 23 dB Flat, NF=1.33 dB, P1dBin=-0.8 dBm
Gain: 50 MHz = 22.4 dB, 144 MHz = 19.9 dB
Power consumption +12 V / 50 mA.
Connectors: “N”
Outdoor mounting
Mast Mounting Diameter: 30 – 54 mm




Good for any frequency between 1 MHz to 150 MHz as:


Low Band preamplifier for Bevarage antennas.
Low Band preamplifier for K9AY Loop, Waller Flag, Pennant Loop etc.
10m 28 MHz preamplifier for bad propagation situation.
6 m preamplifier.
FM 88 – 108 MHz preamplifier.
Airband preamplifier 108 and 137 MHz.
144 MHz antenna preamplifier.
SDR preamplifier 1 – 200 MHz.
Line amplifier wideband.
Power amplifier up to 150 mW OUT.


Measured results with HP8753ES network analyzer full two port calibrated:


Low Band DX Preamplifier 160 m to 15m Gain Measurement:




DX Preamplifier 10m to 2m Gain Measurement:




Low Band DX Preamplifier 160m P1dBin Compression – Measurement:




Low Band DX Preamplifier 80m P1dBin Compression Measurement:




Low Band DX Preamplifier 40 m P1dBin Compression Measurement:




High dynamic range Preamplifier 20m P1dBin Compression Measurement:




DX Preamplifier 15m P1dBin Compression Measurement:




DX Preamplifier 10m P1dBin Compression Measurement:




Low noise Preamplifier 6m – 50MHz P1dBin Compression Measurement:




Low noise – line preamplifier 2m – 144MHz P1dBin Compression – Gain Measurement:




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