Low Band DX – HF – VHF 23 dB Wide Band Preamplifier

Low Band DX – HF – VHF 23 dB Wide Band Preamplifier


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Low Band DX and VHF unconditionally stable preamplifier for Beverages, K9AY Loop, Waller Flag, Pennant Loop, etc. Offers an extremely high dynamic range with a low noise figure.

Low Band DX Preamplifier specifications:

Gain: 1.8 – 30 MHz = 23 dB Flat, NF=1.33 dB, P1dBin=-0.8 dBm
Gain: 50 MHz = 22.4 dB, 144 MHz = 19.9 dB
Power consumption +12 V / 50 mA.
Connectors: “N”
Outdoor mounting
Mast Mounting Diameter: 30 – 54 mm


Made for any frequency between 1 MHz to 150 MHz as:

Low Band preamplifier for Beverage antennas.
Low Band preamplifier for K9AY Loop, Waller Flag, Pennant Loop, etc.
10m 28 MHz preamplifier for bad propagation situation.
6 m preamplifier.
FM 88 – 108 MHz preamplifier.
Airband preamplifier 108 and 137 MHz.
144 MHz antenna preamplifier.
SDR preamplifier 1 – 200 MHz.
Line amplifier wideband.
Power amplifier up to 150 mW OUT.

Measured results with HP8753ES network analyzer full two-port calibrated:

Low Band DX Preamplifier 160 m to 15m Gain Measurement:


DX Preamplifier 10m to 2m Gain Measurement:


Low Band DX Preamplifier 160m P1dBin Compression – Measurement:


Low Band DX Preamplifier 80m P1dBin Compression Measurement:


Low Band DX Preamplifier 40 m P1dBin Compression Measurement:


High dynamic range Preamplifier 20m P1dBin Compression Measurement:


DX Preamplifier 15m P1dBin Compression Measurement:


DX Preamplifier 10m P1dBin Compression Measurement:


Low noise Preamplifier 6m – 50MHz P1dBin Compression Measurement:


Low noise – line preamplifier 2m – 144MHz P1dBin Compression – Gain Measurement:


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