PA1296-36-3UT Super Yagi Antenna at LA0GE

PA1296-36-3UT Super Yagi antenna at PA0GE

Hello GoranHere are a couple of shot of my new 36 elements 23 cm Super Yagi Antenna.Worked portable from JO59KB yesterday. Beautiful evening and great antenna.Worked into England with 10w and real 59 signals.Best regards

Bent LA0GE

23cm 1296MHz Super-Yagi Great Antenna Bent-LA0GE On-the-Top

PA1296-36-3UT 23cm Antenna at LA0GE

Excellent gain. Low noise 23cm Yagi antenna. PA1296-36-3UT

Low noise 23cm Yagi antenna. Boom join and bracket view. 1296 MHz.