PA144-12-7BGP Super Low Noise Yagi Antenna at DL/PA0EHG

PA144-12-7BGP Super Low Noise Yagi antenna at DL/PA0EHG

Hi Goran

I have my first antenna up and running, the PA144-12-7BGP

2meter Super Yagi Antenna PA144-12-7BGP with superior G/T at PA0EHG

  I unpacked the antenna and mounted it together. A simple job and the delivery was very fine. All fitted well together and I found no problems in building up the antenna, it was done in about 30 minutes time.

144MHz Low Noise Super Yagi Antenna PA144-12-7BGP Montage at PA0EHG

At first I wanted to measure return loss which I did with the VNWA, return loss is very good. I measure better than -27dB (VSWR 1:1.09), see results.

2m-144MHz Low Noise Super Yagi Antenna PA144-12-7BGP Measured Return Loss with DG8SAQ VNWA at PA0EHG

After that I mounted the antenna to my Versatower. First results with it are very promising, last weekend I worked several OK stations in a activity contest with ODX of 676 km. On Monday I worked my first Es a QSO with SV8PEX at 1716 km.

Results are good and I am quite happy as it is now.
The next weeks I would like to try and measure the antenna diagram.

I also put some information of this antenna on my website at:

I want to get more experience with this antenna and perhaps I will enlarge this one to a group off four.

Best 73’s Hans DL/PA0EHG