PA144-14-9 Super Yagi Antennas at G4BWP

PA144-14-9 Super Yagi antennas at G4BWP

PA144-14-9-Super Yagi antennas-at-G4BWP

These two 14ele 2m beams from Antenna-Amplifiers work very well.  The antennas were well packed for shipping and were very easy to assemble from the very clear instructionsI was able to help my local Club, the Cambs-Hams, win the 2m section of the annual RSGB Clubs Super-league for 2016-17, as well as the overall Super-league.  My QTH is very average for VHF but my ODX was 800+km

PA144-14-9-Super Yagi antennas-at-G4BWP-Erected-Tower
73 Fred G4BWP