Wide-band Low Noise Amplifier VLNA with PGA-103+


PGA-103+ Advanced Wide Band Preamplifier

Offers extremely high dynamic range with low noise figure.

The PGA-103+ has good input and output return loss over a broad frequency range.

PGA-103+ Specifications:
50 MHz, G=26 dB, NF=0.5 dB.
144 MHz, G=25 dB, NF=0.5 dB.
432 MHz, G=21 dB, NF=0.5 dB.
1296 MHz, G=13 dB, NF=0.65 dB.
IP3out > 37 dBm.
Power consumption +12 V / 100 mA.
Connectors: “N” Male / Female.
Measured results with HP8753ES network analyzer full two port calibrated:
PGA103+Very low noise wideband amplifier zoomed to 440MHz
PGA103+Very low noise wideband amplifier zoomed data to 1.3 GHz
PGA103+Very low noise wideband amplifier, high IP3 data to 3 GHz
It is intended to direct connection with coaxial relay like QRO Relay. To achieve lowest possible losses without any additional coaxial cable. It will insure lowest possible NF (Noise Figure) for terrestrial and EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) communications.
PGA-103+ Low noise amplifier is small enough to not to interfere with big central 7/16 DIN connector.
QRO Relay with PGA-103+ preamplifier:



Or with CZX-3500 on NO side:


Additional information

Weight 0.10000000 kg
Dimensions 86.00000000 × 30.00000000 × 30.00000000 cm