Wide-band Low Noise Amplifier VLNA with PGA-103+

Wide-band Low Noise Amplifier VLNA with PGA-103+


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PGA-103+ Advanced Wide Band Preamplifier

Offers high dynamic range with low noise figure.

The PGA-103+ has good input and output return loss over a broad frequency range.
PGA-103+ Specifications:

50 MHz, G=26 dB, NF=0.5 dB.
144 MHz, G=25 dB, NF=0.5 dB.
432 MHz, G=21 dB, NF=0.5 dB.
1296 MHz, G=13 dB, NF=0.65 dB.
IP3out > 37 dBm.
Power consumption +12 V / 100 mA.
Connectors: “N” Male / Female.

Measured results with HP8753ES network analyzer full two-port calibrated:

PGA103+Very low noise wideband amplifier zoomed to 440MHz


PGA103+ Very low noise wideband amplifier zoomed data to 1.3 GHz.


PGA103+Very low noise wideband amplifier, high IP3 data to 3 GHz



It is intended to direct connection with a coaxial relay like QRO Relay. To achieve the lowest possible losses without any additional coaxial cable. It will ensure the lowest possible NF (Noise Figure) for terrestrial and EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) communications.
PGA-103+ The low-noise amplifier is small enough not to interfere with the big central 7/16 DIN connector.

QRO Relay with PGA-103+ preamplifier:


Or with CZX-3500 on the NO side:




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