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Antennas-Amplifiers provide some great gears

I was very much impressed by the mechanical construction and care taken to provide such an excellent antenna. These are easily the best 2m Yagis I have ever seen. 2 boom support ropes, already pre set up. Positive locking plastic element holders. Everything labeled to know exactly where each section fits. Excellent boom to mast plate with V blocks already fastened to the plate and built in boom support rod. The feed point arrangement is second to none.

Physically the boom seems to handle high winds quite well and is quite still and solid. To top it off, in the morning of the 15th January, I was able to receive and send a signal to and from VK6DZ using 2m WSPR digital mode. This was on tropo under quite marginal conditions and the distance works out to be 2664 km! I have done this path before, but never with a single Yagi when the conditions were not expected. Incredible.

Antenna link: 30 element 70 cm antenna.

Links to Leigh YouTube and distances achieved by PA432-30-8BGP antennas.

YouTube video: [70cm EME] Attempt #2 DL7APV 70cm EME Voice



VK2KRR Commercial product review from various Ham Radio Producers.

I have used a lot of Commercial Ham Radio products here as I need a high level of reliability, and I need it to work first time with no problems and I need the products to be high performance.
Some manufacturers recently have been noted as giving false information about certain products and there are many false rumors and other information online that is not correct.
This page is to give all other Hams my experience, views, opinions and performance of products I use here at the VK2KRR station.

The VK2KRR station is quite a demanding site for radio products, mostly for tower mounted items in regards to reliability and strength in the windy environment here. If a product is deemed to be an excellent product for this station, you can rest assured that it will be good virtually anywhere.

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