Review of PA144-11-6BG by Steve GM0ULK YouTube

Review of PA144-11-6BG by Steve GM0ULK

I required a 144Mhz antenna for single operator portable ops with as much gain as practicable, the antenna had to be able to be transported in a average sized car and erected by one person on site in various conditions.

I decided to try the Antennas and Amplifiers PA144-11-6BG antenna.

This review covers what is supplied, single operator assembly, analyser test and thoughts on construction. Note that the antenna is not supplied with any assembly instructions, but it is quite straight forward to assemble.

The antenna will need to be in the field to assess performance during UK contest activity, I should get this done in the next video on this antenna. 144Mhz UK activity is low outside of contest times, hence a reliable test will need to be preferably aligned to a vhf contest.

144 Mhz Contest antenna from Serbia.
First look and build (not operationally tested )
11 element yagi, PA144-11-6BG
Antenna free space forward gain 14.8 dBi
Length 5.72 m (18.75 feet)
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Steve GM0ULK