RSGB Contest Results 1.3GHz UKAC 2019 with PA1296-70-6AUT

Well pleased with the result.

The biggest 1296 MHz 23cms antenna PA1296-70-6AUT

1.3GHz UKAC 20/08/19 (first 6 stations)

1G4CLAIO92JL9016,41714,00030,4171,000OZ9PZ773100Parallel Lines CG1.9m dish @ 20m, 140m ASL
2G8XVJ/PIO93AD10016,12610,00026,126966DK2MN619100807 ARO1.96m DISH @ 10FT, 456M ASL
3G8SFI/PIO93OX6310,3033 8,50018,803931PA0S419100807 AROPA1296-70-6AUT @ 8m, 240m ASL
4G0EHV/PIO84XT5610,7837,50018,283897G3TCU415100Northern Fells CG55 Element Tonna @ 5m, 490m ASL
5M0GHZIO81VK428,6349,50018,134862GM4JTJ580100Trowbridge & DARC55 ele @ 9m, 120m ASL
6GM4JTJIO86RP3111,0366,50017,536828M0GHZ580100Northern Fells CG55ele @ 8m, 90m ASL

Came third using the PA1296-70-6AUT Antenna, which ain’t bad as the first and second were using large dishes .

I think the 70 ele is unbeatable on 1296 without going to a large dish . It travels on the estate roof rack in two parts for portable work , fits together quickly and straight on the pump up . Its a one man assembly and quick strip down job after the contest . Its the best 23 cms antenna we have used

Barry G4KCT / G8SFI/P

World best 1296 MHz 23cms antenna PA1296-70-6AUT