SAT Antennas PA144-432-9-1R-2C and PA144-432-13-1.5-2C at 9A5YY

SAT Dual Band Antennas 144MHz and 430 – 440 MHz PA144-432-9-1R-2C and PA144-432-13-1.5-2C at 9A5YY


The satellite antenna system shown at pictures consists of two Dualband 2m/70cm antennas:

a) PA144-432-13-1.5-2CB

b) PA144-432-9-1-2CRA

Both antennas have separate N connectors for VHF and UHF. They have different polarization.I have got 4 coax antenna cables: VHF vertical polarization, VHF horizontal polarization, UHF vertical polarization and UHF horizontal polarization.During the SAT QSO I use one VHF and one UHF cable. I switch polarization from V to H and vice versa using two simple manual antenna switches.This satellite antenna system is used for QSOs via all available FM and SSB radio amateur satellites. The Yaesu FT-847 Transceiver is used what means that youcan work full duplex. You can be in RX and TX at the same time what is very important. Also combination of FT-847 and FT-897 is used to work full duplex. The Yaesu G-5500 Rotator is used for the azimuth and elevation antenna rotation.The LEO satellites are mainly 10-15min available to do SAT QSO. During the SAT QSO RX and TX frequency changes because of Doppler shift.At this antenna system the antenna rotation can be done manually or automated using the EA4TX hardware (ARS) and Orbitron satellite tracking software which control G-5500 Rotator what allows SAT operator to do more SAT QSOs. Aluminum antenna boom and mast are used. The RG-213, RG-58 and Aircell 7 cables are used.Dual-Band Antennas 144MHz and 430-440 MHz PA144-432-9-1R-2C and PA144-432-13-1.5-2C installed at 9A5YY


Excellent antennas.73 de Neven, 9A5YY