Helium Miner Directional Antenna 38.7° LoRa-15

Helium Miner Directional Antenna 38.7° LoRa-15


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Very Long Range Directional Yagi Antenna LoRa-15. Gain 15 dBi

Helium Miner LoRa directional antenna 15 dBi. Azimuth coverage 38.7°

Helium, Bobcat, SyncroBit and SenseCAP miner antenna. For very long range distances and super gain 15 dBi. Angle coverage 38.7° for super stable signals on distant locations to rich city witnesses on long distance. Excellent high gain antenna intended to be used at locations 20 to 50 km away from densely populated cities. You will be able to collect most if not all Helium Witnesses in front of antenna. More gain than any Omni antenna white Fiberglass rods regardless what was written on label you can find on the internet.

Good for stacks of two or four antennas. Stack of two antennas for a very long ranges to achieve 18 dBi in wide angle 38.7 degrees. In stack of four easily reaches 21 dBi for 38.7° wide angle.

Specialized antenna for Helium  Bobcat SyncroBit and SenseCAP mining.

LoRa Helium and Bobcat Miner Directional Antenna LoRa-15 Azimuth Radiation Pattern 38.7°


LoRa Helium Miner Long Range Directional Antenna LoRa-15 Azimuth Radiation Pattern 38.7°


LoRaWan Helium Miner Directional Yagi Antenna LoRa-15 Elevation Radiation Pattern 38.5°


LoRa Helium HNT Miner Super Long Range Directional Antenna LoRa-15 Elevation Radiation-Pattern 35.2°


Frequency range 862 – 870 MHz
Gain 15 dBi
Front to Back -28 dB
-3 dB Horizontal Beam width 38.7°
Polarization: Vertical
Nominal Input Impedance 50 Ohms
“N” Connector
Input Return Loss -20 dB
Mounting Mast Diameter: 43 – 70 mm 1-11/16″ – 2-3/4″ OD, M8 Stainless Steel screws

By order Helium Miner Directional Antenna LoRa-15 USA version 915 MHz.

Is this antenna right choice for you?

This guide will help you pick perfect antenna for your Helium HNT Mining. There are many choices and we will se how to choose the best Helium Miner antenna for every situation. Some of our customers make stable contacts up to 200 km away. It all comes down to location, elevation, number of close and far witnesses. You do not have to live in high density urban cities to make good passive money by farming Helium.

Our Helium miner antennas are specialized for ALL miners like Helium  Bobcat, SyncroBit and Panther X miner etc… And for both frequencies. 868 EU and 915 US as different antennas. Not universal as many want to do. Universal antenna is always compromise. And not the best for any particular frequency.

Choosing the right LoRa Helium Antenna will be easy after reading this article.

Who are we?

Antennas-Amplifiers company producing antennas, amplifiers and equipment for more than 34 years. Our main focus has always been quality over quantity. We do not compete with Chinese market and copycats. We do make antennas in whole other class. Our antennas are used in Ham Radio, in Space Research, Earth-Moon-Earth and Satellite communication, SAR (Search and Rescue) missions. Reliability and quality is essential.

All our antennas have been calculated with the latest full 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software, with included the influence of the boom, brackets and connectors. Each and every antenna is measured and tested by network analyzer to ensure the best possible characteristics. Without exception. With all done like this we can guarantee described Gain, F/B, G/T and all other parameters.


Major types of LoRa Helium antennas. Omni and Directional.

Omni – Omnidirectional antenna is a class of antenna which radiates equal power in all directions perpendicular to an axis, with power varying with angle to the axis (elevation angle). In other words, Omni antennas cover 360° and the power is distributed on all sides. This kind of antennas are good if you live in urban cities, and plan to cover that one city. In Production are three types of Omni antennas.

Directional antenna is an antenna which radiates or receives greatest power in specific directions allowing increased performance and reduced interference from unwanted sources. Directional antennas provide increased performance when greater concentration of witnesses is in a certain direction. This types of antennas are way batter for city edges, suburbs, villages and hamlets.

No matter what type of antenna you chose, if you plan to have the best possible signal, it is crucial that the antenna is outside, on highest possible position.


Omni antennas for Helium Mining:

In production are 3 types of Omni antennas:

Antenna Gain Azimuth coverage Antennas in system Link
LoRa-2.15 2.15 dBi 360° 1 LoRa-2.15
LoRa-5.5 5.5 dBi 360° 2 LoRa-5.5
LoRa-8.8 8.8 dBi 360° 4 LoRa-8.8

Omni antennas are perfect for city center and high urban areas. It allows 360° coverage and getting witnesses all around.

When to choose the Omni antenna as the best choice for you?

You live in city center of Milan Italy, and want to catch all witnesses around.


How to choose the best Helium Miner Omni Antenna 360 degrees Coverage Best Choice LoRa-2.15, LoRa-5.5 or LoRa-8.8


What Omni directional antenna to choose?

Very high locations, buildings with 20 – 30 floors or center hills with all Hotspots sharp down. Use LoRa-2.15 or better LoRa-5.5 antenna.
If your location is not that high say 10 to 30m above the ground level choose LoRa-5.5 or LoRa-8.8 antenna.

Directional – Sector antennas for Helium Mining:

Directional – Sector Yagi antennas have far more gain and narrower angles. And they are extremely god for locations outside of city centers.

Most important feature of sector – directional antennas is not just more gain which derives from directivity but much lower noise pickup in other directions that are out of main lobe. That will lead to better SNR of received signals and accordingly more witnesses or money.

How to choose the best Helium Miner Sector or Directional Antenna

Angle in degrees Elements Link Possible system
150-180° 2 LoRa-6 Yes*
126° 3 LoRa-7 Yes*
90° 4 LoRa-8.9 Yes*
60° 6 LoRa-11.4 Yes*
43° 13 LoRa-14 Yes*
39° 15 LoRa-15 Yes*

* Possible system: All the same antennas can be stacked in vertical plane to increase gain – range. There are no drawback in doing this, only increased price of the antenna. If you choose the antenna stacks like LoRa-10 or LoRa-13, gain will increase by about 3 dB (double) for double system or if you choose LoRa13 – system of four four antennas in stack, gain will increase about 6 dB (four times more gain!).

How to choose the best Helium Miner Sector and Directional Antenna

You live in Westervoort Netherlands and want to shoot and pick as much as possible Helium witnesses in bigger city Arnhem.

How to choose the best Helium Miner Sector Antenna Extra Wide Angle 147 degrees The Best Choice is LoRa-6

Choose LoRa-6 Sector antenna with extra wide angle 147°. And working good even 180°.
Better option is to chose more gain stack versions LoRa-9 with gain 9 dBi or LoRa-12 with 12 dBi gain.
Excellent to put on terrace or balcony where behind the antenna is building. So only forward Helium miners counts.

You live in Westervoort Netherlands but farther off Arnhem. Angle is narrower. About 126°

How to choose the best Helium Miner Sector Antenna for Angle 126° the Best Choice is LoRa-7

Choose LoRa-7 Sector antenna with wide angle of 126°.
Better option is to chose more gain stack versions LoRa-10 with gain 10 dBi or LoRa-13 with 13 dBi gain.
Excellent to put on balcony or terrace where behind the antenna is building. So only forward Helium miner witnesses counts.

You live in Haren Netherlands and want to catch unbelievable number of Helium Miners in Groningen. Angle is about 90°

How to choose the best Helium Miner Sector Antenna for Angle 90° The Best Choice LoRa-8.9

Choose LoRa-8.9 Sector antenna with wide angle coverage of 90°.
Better option is to chose more gain stack versions LoRa-11.9 with gain 11.9 dBi or LoRa-14.9 with 14.9 dBi gain.


You live in Plochingen Germany and want to catch as much as possible number of Helium Miners in Stuttgart. Angle is about 60°.

How to choose the best Helium Miner Sector Antenna for Angle 60° The Best Choice LoRa-11.4

Choose the best gain antenna for that angle with maximum gain for necessary 60° coverage.

LoRa-11.4 is the best choice. Mora gain – more witnesses stack versions LoRa-14.4 with 14.4 dBi gain or LoRa-17.4 with 17.4 dBi gain.

You live in Clisson France. And want to collect as much as possible Helium miners from Nantes.

How to choose the best Helium Miner Sector Antenna for Angle 43° The Best Choice LoRa-14

Necessary angle is about 43°. Your choice for the best Helium Miner directional antenna is LoRa-14.
With about 43° -3dB beam width. Mora gain – more witnesses stack versions LoRa-17 with 17 dBi gain or LoRa-20 with 20 dBi gain.


You live in Cookeville, TN United States. And want to earn as much as possible money from Helium Miners in Nashville

How to choose the best Helium Miner Sector Antenna for Angle 39° The Best Choice LoRa-15

Necessary angle is about 39°. Your choice is for the best gain antenna is LoRa-15 US 915 MHz version (Separate version relative to EU 868 MHz antenna).
Better is to chose double stack version LoRa-18 US 915 MHz with 18 dBi gain or LoRa-21 US 915 MHz stack of four antennas with 21 dBi gain.

Now, you decide what Helium antenna fits you best.

Recapitulation for Omni antennas: 360° coverage, shorter range than directional antennas. Excellent choice for city urban areas and rooftops.

Recap for Sector and Directional antennas: More gain, lower noise pickup. Longer range but you must choose the best angle. Excellent to put on balcony or terrace where behind the antenna is building.

We are here to help, but first it is best to help yourself by doing simple steps before order.

1. Open Google Maps, and pick terrain view with topography and elevation, or just go outside and make sure do you have line-of-sight for desired location.

2. Open your dedicated program to see where the most “witnesses” are. Like https://explorer.helium.com/ and find your location.

Use plastic protractor to measure angles or install Google Chrome and extension like Protractor Chrome extension. Extension works great both for google maps and helium maps.

Do not be tempted to widen unnecessary angle in believe that will lead to more witnesses.
One witness on the wrong side is too high price compared to hundred of witnesses you can collect aiming in to right direction with higher gain antenna.

After calculating the right angle you need pick the closest angle. By doing that you will have the most gain you could have in desired direction.
Last but not least is to decide should you go for single antenna or stack system of two or four antennas with more gain, stronger signals, more witnesses.



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