Helium Miner Sector Antenna 126° LoRa-7


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Sector LoRa-7 Helium Miner Lora Panel Sector and directional Antenna 7 dBi. Extra Wide Angle 126°.

Helium, Bobcat and SyncroBit miner antenna. Excellent antenna if you live on city edge or distant location. You will be able to collect most if not all Helium Witnesses in front of antenna. More gain than Omni antenna with affordable price.

Specialized antenna for Helium  Bobcat and SyncroBit mining.

Azimuth Radiation Pattern for Helium Sector LoRa-7 antenna


Sector LoRa-7 Panel Antenna 7dBi Azimuth Radiation Pattern Wide Angle 126 degrees


Elevation Radiation Pattern for Helium Sector LoRa-7 antenna 7 dBi. -3dB points +- 33.4°


Lora Sector Panel Antenna 7dBi Elevation Radiation Pattern 67 degrees


Frequency range 862 – 870 MHz
Gain 7 dBi
-3 dB Horizontal Beam width 126°
Polarization: Vertical
Nominal Input Impedance 50 Ohms
“N” Connector
Mounting Mast Diameter: 30 – 50 mm 1″ – 1-1/2″

By order Lora Sector 915 MHz version.


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