LEO Kit-Pack 2 meter and 70cm CROSS RHCP Antennas for Satellites

LEO satellites – Low Earth orbit satellites for Ham Radio
LEO satellites have a elliptical orbit at a height of 250–2000 km from the Earth surface. The maximum time during which a satellite is above the local horizon for an observer on the Earth is up to 20 min. A number of low earth orbit (LEO) OSCAR satellites use frequency modulation (FM). These are also commonly referred to as “FM LEOs” or the “FM Birds”. Such satellites act as FM repeaters that can be useed with available amateur radio equipment.


This set consists of:


1. PA144-CROSS-8-1.7A – 144-146 MHz Rear Mount Yagi Antennas with 4 + 4 elements on 1.7 meter boom.


2 meter CROSS Satellites Leo Pack PA144-CROSS-1.7RAP


2 meter CROSS antenna characteristics:
Frequency: 144 – 146 MHz
Gain: 9.4 dBi
F / B: 20 dB
SWR Across Entire Band: < 1.2
Number of elements: 4 + 4
Boom length: 1.7 m


2. PA432-CROSS-16-1.7A – 70 cm cross antenna with 8 + 8 elements on 1.7 meter boom.


70cm CROSS Rear Mount Low Noise Antenna EME LEO Satellite PA432-CROSS-16-1.7RA


70 cm CROSS antenna characteristics:

Frequency: 432 – 440 MHz
Gain: 13.3 dBi
F/B: 30 dB
SWR Across Entire Band: < 1.2
Number of elements: 8 + 8
Boom length: 1.7 m


3. 144 – 146 MHz and 430-440 MHz Universal RHCP Kit used to connect CROSS antennas to produce right hand circular polarization – RHCP.


Universal 2m 70 cm RHCP Leo Kit 144-146 MHz and 430-440MHz


Optional: 40 mm strong aluminum pipe by order.

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