70 cm Split RX Ultimate T/R Relays BPF VLNA EME3-432 1200 W


EME3-432 – A Complete Solution for 432 MHz 1200 W Transmit-Receive 70 cm Contests and EME with Split RX

QRO – Extreme power on transmit and super low noise on receive with integrated Input band-pass filter. Three connectors. Separate receive and transmit connector.

QRO made on low dielectric loss RT/duroid® 5880 Laminates (not on FR4 Important!).


EME3-432 70cm Low Noise Preamplifier Band Pass Filter Transmit Receive Relays 432 MHz Split Receive


EME3-432 device consists of three components:
3. High Power High Current Relay + isolation relay.
4. By order, SAV-541+ instead of PGA103+
5. By order, Fail Safe Relay option.
6. By order, integrated super high selectivity SAW filter with bandwidth of just about 8 MHz. From 430-438 MHz.

Receive gain:

Frequency: Gain:
1.82 MHz < – 60 dB
3.80 MHz < – 60 dB
7.1 MHz < – 60 dB
14 MHz < – 60 dB
28 MHz < – 53 dB
50 MHz < – 38 dB
70 MHz < – 30 dB
144 MHz < – 13 dB
148 MHz < – 12 dB
432 MHz +19.7 dB, NF= 0.68 dB, Input RL= -14 dB, IP3out > 37 dBm
440 MHz +19.7 dB, NF= 0.68 dB, Input RL= -14 dB, IP3out > 37 dBm
450 MHz +19.7 dB, NF= 0.68 dB, Input RL= -14 dB, IP3out > 37 dBm
930 MHz < – 19 dB (GSM)
1296 MHz < – 26 dB


Extreme Low Loss on transmit side thanks to RT/duroid® 5880 Laminate. About 0.06 dB.
With Excellent Wideband Return Loss 432 – 450 MHz -33 dB.


EME3-432 Transmit Path Insertion Loss and Return Loss For 70cm Preamplifier BPF 1200W Split RX 432-450MHz


Transmit side of EME3-432. Measured Insertion Loss and Return Loss:


Frequency: Input Return Loss (S11): Insertion Loss (S21):
432 MHz < – 34 dB 0.06 dB
450 MHz < -41 dB 0.07 dB


Gain about +20 dB, NF= 0.68 dB, Input RL= -14 dB, IP3out > 37dBm


EME3-432 70cm Band Pass Filter with PGA103+ SAV-541+ LNA Power 1200W Transmit / Receive Relays Split RX


70 cm EME3-432 Split RX Transmit / Receive Relay PGA103+ or SAV-541+ BPF Filter VLNA Power 1200W Measured HF 6m 4 m Gain (S21)


70cm EME3-432 Split RX Transmit / Receive Relay PGA103+ SAV-541+ BPF Filter VLNA Power 1200W Measured HF 6m 4m Gain


EME3-432 70 cm Split RX Ultimate T/R Relay Switches low Loss Band Pass Filter VLNA PGA103+ or SAV-541+ Measured 6m 2 m 70 cm Harmonic 23 cm Gain


EME3-432 70cm Split RX Ultimate T/R Relay Switches Filter VLNA PGA103+ SAV-541+ Power 1200W Measured 6m 2m 70cm Harmonic-23cm Gain


Important details:
Power consumption: + 12 V, 200 mA
Max. power SWR 1:1 1200 W
Max. power SWR 1:1.5 1000 W
Max. power SWR 1:2 600 W
Max. power SWR 1:3 400 W
Connectors: “N”
By order: 7/16 DIN
Outdoor version: +9 EUR


With this equipment, sequencer is mandatory. To switch from receiving to transmitting put on sequencer 150 ms delay.
Outdoor version with IP63 protection EME3-432 Outdoor:
70cm 432MHz Ultimate Transmit Receive Relay Switches Input BPF LNA EME3-432 Outdoor Version Power 1200W


EME3-432 Super Low Noise Preamplifier With Extreme Low Loss Band Pass Filter PGA103+ or SAV-541+ Split RX. Max Power 1200 W Transmit Receive Relays 432 to 450 MHz Block Diagram.


EME3-432 MHz Split RX Input Band Pass Filter Low Noise Preamplifier PGA103 SAV-541+ Max Power 1200 W T/R Relays Schematic



How to properly connect any EME2 or EME3 for any band to sequencer?

Use these schematic. Quality sequencer is mandatory.


How does fail safe option works?

Fail safe relay is possibility to have information, did EME2-432 is switched to transmit position or not.
In that situation, additional Fail Safe “FS” relay will switch to ground or not additional line.
That information sequencer could use to take another steps in switching linear amplifier or transceiver.

If by chance +12V was not disconnected from EME2 (receive position) linear amplifier will not burn the preamplifier, because sequencer will not have information that EME2 fail safe relay is switched.

Summary: With fail safe relay, linear amplifier or transceiver will never burn the preamplifier because of any problematic situation.
It could work only if sequencer have input port for fail safe relay (line). And logic to use it.


Our EME – EME family. Band-Pass filters + VLNA + Transmit Receive Relays:

6 meter band, EME2 – 50: EME2-50

6 meter band, EME3 – 50: EME3-50

4 meter band, EME2-70: EME2-70

4 meter band, EME3-70: EME3-70

2 meter band, EME2-144: EME2-144

2 meter band, EME3-144: EME3-144

70 cm band, EME2-432: EME2-432

70 cm band, EME3-432:


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