FM DX 88 – 108 MHz Low Noise Preamplifier With Integrated BPF


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Radio DX FM 88 – 108 MHz VLNA with Input Band Pass Filter BPF.

Input Band Pass filter will prevent overloading from out of band signals.

Outdoor mounting 88 – 108 MHz band-pass filter and DX VLNA pre-amplifier.

Best Radio BPF with Preamplifier

This combination consists of two devices:
1. Low loss band pass filter 88 – 108 MHz  on preamplifier input side. Insertion loss just 0.35 dB
Input connectors “F” 75 Ohms

Achieves better results than two separate components. Lower NF about 0.05 to 0.1 dB. Thanks to two less connectors.

Measured results with HP 8753 ES network analyzer full two port calibrated:

Frequency: Attenuation:
HF band > – 26 dB
50 MHz – 8 dB
88 – 108 MHz + 25 dB, NF=0.85 dB
145 MHz – 27 dB
432 MHz – 28 dB


These excellent results were achieved by careful selection of components and design.

Thanks to input filtering this preamplifier and band pass filter combination are much more immune to interference from strong out-of-band signals.

Measured Return Loss (S11) and Gain (S21) of VLNA DX Radio FM 88-108 low noise preamplifier

Best FM Filter + Amplifier

Band pass filter enclosed in strong 0.8 mm sheet brass box. Strong mechanics will ensure stability and longevity.

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