70 cm Split RX T/R Relays BPF VLNA EME3-432 Power 1200 W

70 cm Complete Solution with Split RX for 432 MHz 1200 W Transmit-Receive 70 cm Contests and EME

Super power on transmit and low noise on receive with integrated BPF. For Split RX transceivers


EME3-432 70cm Low Noise Preamplifier Band Pass Filter Transmit Receive Relays 432 MHz Split Receive


EME3-432 device consists of three components:
3. High Power High Current Relay + isolation relay.
4. By order, SAV-541+ instead of PGA103+
5. By order, Fail Safe Relay option.
6. By order, integrated super high selectivity SAW filter with bandwidth of just about 8 MHz. From 430-438 MHz.
EME3-432 Super Low Noise Preamplifier With Extreme Low Loss Band Pass Filter PGA103+ or SAV-541+ Split RX. Max Power 1200 W Transmit Receive Relays 432 to 450 MHz Schematic.


EME3-432 MHz Split RX Input Band Pass Filter Low Noise Preamplifier PGA103 SAV-541+ Max Power 1200 W T/R Relays Schematic



How to properly connect any EME2 or EME3 for any band to sequencer?

Use these schematic. Quality sequencer is mandatory.

More about EME3-432 please find here