70cm 1200W Ultimate High Power Bias Tee

70cm 1200W Ultimate High Power Bias Tee


70cm 1200W Bias Tee

70cm 1200W Ultimate High Power Bias Tee Outdoor

400 – 500MHz High Power 1200W Bias Tee – Remote Powering

What’s a Bias Tee?

A “Bias-Tee” also known as a “DC Inserter” is a simple way to feed DC power through coaxial cable to the remote device such as a pre-amplifier and/or or transmit/receive relays via the coaxial cable.
Like EME2-432, EME3-432, or Preamplifiers.

The main task is to inject DC into or extract DC from the coaxial cable, leaving the RF signal undisturbed.

A bias tee is a passive RF circuit consisting of capacitors and inductors. Act as a diplexer by combining DC and RF signals onto a common port RF+DC.

Antennas-Amplifiers “70cm Bias Tee” has impressive RF performance on the whole 70 cm band 430-450MHz or full range 400-500MHz and high power handling 1200 W.

70cm 1200W Ultimate High Power Bias Tee 400-500MHz 432MHz

Best-in-class electrical performance:

Frequency Range: 400 – 500 MHz
Maximum Power at SWR 1:1 1200W
Insertion loss: 0.01dB
Input Return Loss: -35 dB
Isolation RF port to DC port: 80 dB
DC resistance from DC to RF: 0.15 Ω
Supply Voltage: 30V
Supply Current: 1A
Connectors “N”

Permanent damage may occur if any of these limits are exceeded.  

70 cm 1200 W Ultimate High Power Bias-Tee 430-450 MHz Measured extreme high DC-RF isolation 80 dB that minimizes RF signal leakage and interference with other devices.


70cm 430-440 MHz 1200W Ultimate Super Low Loss Bias Tee RF to DC Port Isolation 432MHz


70 cm Bias Tee 430 – 450 MHz High Power 1200 W Measured Super Low Loss Insertion Loss and excellent Return Loss


70cm 1200W Ultimate High Power Bias Tee Measured Insertion Loss and Return Loss 400-500MHz


The recommended position of 70 cm outdoor Bias-Tee is at the end of the coaxial cable to pass DC power to the remote device.

Inject DC into Coaxial cable.

Extracts DC from Coaxial cable.

400 -500 MHz 70 cm 1200 W Ultimate Bias Tee Outdoor Mounting appearance


70cm 1200W Ulimate Bias Tee 432MHz-Outdoor 400-500MHz



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