Big LEO Pack for Satellites LEO

Big LEO Pack for Satellites LEO


Big LEO Pack for Satellites LEO 2m and 70cm RHCP Yagi Set

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Big LEO Pack for Satellites LEO 2m and 70cm RHCP Yagi Set

This Big LEO Pack for Satellites LEO consists of a fine 2m Yagi antenna 2m14CROSS with an added RHCP Kit and an excellent 70cm Yagi antenna 70cm30CROSS with the same universal RHCP Kit.

Both antennas have full frequency ranges 144-146MHz and 430-440MHz and could be used for any radio modes like CW, SSB, FM, Q65, and all kinds of communications like EME, DX-ing, Contesting, Repeater work, and LEO satellite…


Big LEO Pack for Satellites LEO 2m14CROSS and 70cm30CROSS with RHCP kits

Big Leo Pack Antennas for LEO Satellites 2m14CROSS and 70cm30CROSS


By dismantling the RHCP kit both antennas will become standard wideband antennas for any use. From EME, FM to DXing.

On 2m, using the 2m 1500W CROSS Antenna Polarization Switch, the 2m14CROSS antenna becomes universal with the possibility to easily change any of the three polarizations. Horizontal (DXing and contesting), vertical (FM work), and RHCP (LEO Satellites work).


LEO satellites – Low Earth orbit satellites in Ham Radio.

LEO satellites have a circular (or elliptical) orbit at the height of 250–2000 km from the Earth’s surface. The maximum time during which a satellite is above the local horizon for an observer on the Earth is up to 20 min. This time is used to transfer data, images, and photographs to selected ground stations positioned in strategic locations.

Several Low Earth Orbit (LEO) OSCAR satellites use frequency modulation (FM). These are also commonly referred to as “FM LEOs” or the “FM Birds”. Such satellites act as FM amateur radio repeaters that can be communicated by using commonly available amateur radio equipment.


Antennas-Amplifiers Product Benefits. A Major advance in Amateur Radio antenna design.


  • F/B and G/T superiority.

All antennas have been calculated using state-of-the-art full 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software including the influence of the boom, bracket, baluns, and connectors. The performance of antennas designed using these techniques is exceptional, far better than antennas designed using “wire” programs.
Comparison of EM simulation software

  • No tuning antennas

Before dispatch, we assemble each antenna and test antenna characteristics. That means you may expect excellent electrical and mechanical attributes including low SWR across the designed range immediately after assembling.
No need to tune the dipole, or any other element to get perfect SWR on the intended frequency range. Everything is pre-tuned.

  • Easy to set up

Everything is labeled, just put number to number. The antenna can be assembled with hand tools in a couple of minutes.
Everything is included in the antenna box: Antenna, balun with connector, and bracket. Yours is to assemble and have fun!


If this Big LEO Pack for Satellites LEO 2m and 70cm RHCP Yagi Set is too big for you:


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Or if it is too small look at the ultimate “Super Gain” Super LEO Pack for Satellites LEO Antenna Set

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Or LEO Satellites Complete Packs

Watch the antenna VIDEO here:



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